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Pusat Pakar Mata Perdana (PPMP)

Bukit Mertajam, Penang

M&E | TAFA Perunding Sdn Bhd
C&S | Ong Engineering Consultancy
QS | Unitech Qs Consultancy Sdn Bhd
ID | ISD Rekabina Sdn Bhd

This adaptive reuse project comprises of 2 units of 3-storey shop office that was to be converted from existing car workshop into a premium eye specialist clinic, demonstrating the possibility of transforming shop offices into specialist clinics based on private healthcare acts and regulations.

Our approach is to go beyond the nostalgic connotation of old shop houses conversion into photogenic artisan cafés or boutique hotels. Through adaptive planning, a more rigorous economic regeneration high value-chain commercial activities within the typical shop office premises can be achieved. The challenge for this project is not only the strategic planning to include healthcare facility planning but also the pseudo-classical colonial-style façade that are to be modified to match its existing context and new program within.Through careful orchestration of the façade elements, we believe we have done something extraordinary and sensible to the existing building fabric.

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