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Pekat Solar HQ

Shah Alam, Selangor

Developer | Pekat Teknologi Sdn Bhd
C&S | Perunding KPR Sdn Bhd
M&E | BSD Associates Sdn Bhd
Landscape Architect | Engky Design Sdn Bhd

Occupying a 3.16 acre sloped site with a gross floor area of approximately 11k square metre, the proposal consists of a 3 storey office building with attached 2 storey warehousing space. The design of the new corporate HQ & Warehouse aimed to reinvent the conventional typological norm between office and industrial warehousing; where before, both individualistic programs which used to operate separately are now being bridged into a collective diversified development featuring both work and play setting inspired by trending worldwide collaborative culture. The notable programs and function in the building include Showrooms, Conference & Meeting Rooms, Servicing Centre, Gymnasium for staff, Cafeteria, Office spaces, Co-Working spaces, Testing Laboratories, Outdoor Terraces, Courtyard, Warehouse storage spaces & multi-use space.

The building will also incorporate green building technology and utilize solar panels (product of said company) to generate electricity. The exterior shape of the building is designed to simulate an aerodynamic form with utilization of double skin façade as shading device as well as providing surface for vertical landscaping. The design will also incorporate passive cooling techniques, such as proper orientation and shading, to help regulate the temperature inside the building naturally. The use of these strategies will not only reduce the building's energy consumption and carbon footprint, but also provide a more comfortable and sustainable working environment for its occupants.

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