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Sri Gombak, Selnagor

Developer | F3 Capital Sdn Bhd
C&S | Perunding KPR Sdn Bhd
M&E | Perunding Metrik Sdn Bhd
Landscape Architect | Engky Design Sdn Bhd

Urban 360 comprises of 2 block of 391 units SoFo suites and 5 units of duplex strata shops located at ground floor. The project intended to revitalize the lower middle income, semi-industrial neighbourhood of Sri Gombak.

Apart from irregular land shape and site terrain, one of the main challenges of the project brief was to provide all north-south facing units with comfortable distance between the tower blocks. In addition, starting right from the inception stage, the design was meant to anchor the building to the Batu Caves hills. The final strategy employed to achieve the design objectives was organizing two linear blocks surrounding the central pool that opens up a magnificient vista towards the distant hills.

The focal point of communal activities is at the clubhouse area located at podium level. It takes the shape of a rotunda to act as a gathering point as well as to generate circulation around the podium floor, linking all the facilities seamlessly.

In terms of formal expression, we explored the various possibilities of a conventional sheer wall construction can offer by breaking up the enclosed concrete framed box to incorporate pocket gardens and staggered tower block effect with green roof features. The green ratio achieved was 45%. This has improved the quality of communal spaces and has created a new visual expression and identity for a tropical urban highrise building.

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