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SM(P) Sin Min, Sungai Petani, Penang

Organiser | AATA, UCSI Sabe.Colllab & SM(P) Sin Min

Back in August, we had a collaboration with UCSI Sabe.Colllab to hold a bamboo design workshop for the students at SM(P) Sin Min. In the workshop, they got to learn the basic knowledge of bamboo architecture, and hands-on experience building a bamboo structure.

Through this workshop, students had fun utilizing their newfound knowledge in bamboo to come up with a bamboo structure for their school hall as an entrance statement wherein the winning design, Dragon Entrance was chosen and further developed by our core design team into the final built. During the 3-days actual build, AATA, Colllab and students from SM(P) Sin Min joined forces to assemble and complete the bamboo Dragon Entrance at SM(P) Sin Min hall.

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