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Founder | Principal

Alan Teh initially planned to pursue architecture in North America, having enrolled himself in McGill University in Montreal, Canada. However a scholarship from University of Tasmania, Australia took him to the southern hemisphere for the next 5 years (1995-1999) during which he took an exchange program in 1996 to Bergen School of Architecture in Norway for a semester plus 3 month of architectural pilgrimage tour in Europe.


Upon his return to Malaysia in 1999/2000 during the steady recovery of the Asian financial crisis, he worked in a few KL-based practice, learning the “craft and business” of architecture prior to setting up of his own practice in May 2005.


Awards & Publications

“Top 30 Emerging Architects of Malaysia” in 2011.

Featured in the Taiwan <My Home> magazine as one of the “Top 50 Young Chinese Designers” in 2014.

won a prestigious PAM Award in Commercial High Rise category in 2016 and subsequently another  

PAM Award in 2017

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23_AATA_BW Jaslyn Yap.jpg

Jaslyn Yap

Associate | Management


BK Chaw

Associate | Design

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